vegan+ vanilla banana sachets (5)

5x natural vegan protein in convenient single sachets.
Each sachet containing one portion (30g) vegan+ vanilla banana protein powder.

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You want to start small or love to have some protein on the go?

Sachets are here! Exactly the right amount for 1 shake (30g) – the perfect travel size.

You get 5 super convenient single sachets. Whether you want to have a spontaneous workout after work or trying to stick to your lifting routine on vacation.

Natural workout recovery simple, one sachet at a time.


  • Why should I use vegan+ even if I'm not vegan or vegetarian?

    This has a few key benefits:

    • It does provide some variety.
    • It enhances the nutritional quality of your diet.
    • It reduces the likelihood of experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort from ingesting too much dairy protein.
    • Vegan+ is also more filling than whey, which is especially nice when you’re dieting.

  • Can vegan+ help with muscle building and weight loss?

    Definitely! A high-protein diet can help you lose weight faster and it’s also perfect for muscle building because it’s a source of highly bioavailable plant protein rich in essential amino acids, which are the vital building blocks of muscle tissue.

    vegan+ makes it easier to hit your daily protein needs.

  • Why don't you use Soy as others use in their plant protein?

    The combination of different protein sources allows us to create a complete amino acids profile and also stay true to the principles of a balanced diet. Vegetarians and vegans in particular use soy as an alternative to animal products. That’s why it makes sense to use alternative plant proteins as a source of daily protein. Moreover, soy often contains phytoestrogen and is suspected of causing major changes in hormone levels. Our soy-free Vegan Protein is a complete protein that works without hormones and can contribute to a balanced diet for athletes.

  • I'm lactose intolerant or have a nut allergie, can I use vegan+?

    Unlike whey proteins, plant protein are lactose-free and hypoallergenic. This means it contains no soy, lactose, gluten or nuts, making it suitable for people with allergies. This makes it is very easy to digest and provides the body with both short and long-term proteins.

  • Is everything in vegan+ 100% vegan?

    Yes, everything in vegan+ comes entirely from plants.

  • Why do you use a mix of peas and rice?

    We chose pea and rice protein because they’re easy on the stomach, well absorbed, and provide an abundance of protein and essential amino acids.

    That’s why vegan+ is just as effective for gaining muscle and strength as animal-based protein powders like whey, casein, and egg protein.

  • When should I use vegan+?

    vegan+ can be used anytime you need help to meet your protein goals. For optimal results, take 1-3 servings daily after exercise or in the morning.

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    1 review for vegan+ vanilla banana sachets (5)

    1. Émilie

      Gutt Idee fir wann een sech net secher ass ob een direkt soll eng ganz Dous kafen! Et wier mega wann et dei och fir di aner Flavors geing ginn.

      • Merci fier dein Feedback Émilie!

        Den Moment fokuséiren mir ons drop fir eischter néi Produits an Goûts rauszebrengen mee mir werten och an Zukunft aaner Sachets rausbrengen.

        Tim – Team Naway

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