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vegan+ is a 100% natural pea & rice protein isolate protein powder blend, naturally sweetened and flavoured.

  Increases muscle, strength gain and enhances post-workout recovery

  Lactose & gluten free

117 calories, 23g protein, 2g carbs, 2g fat per serving

25 Servings

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Increase lean muscle and maximize post-workout recovery

One of the easiest ways to maximize muscle and strength gain and post-workout recovery is to eat enough protein.

Specifically, studies show that a high-protein diet:

     Is effective for building muscle [1]

     Boosts fat loss [2]

     Increases satiety / fullness, helping you avoid hunger and cravings [3]

     Helps with lean mass preservation while restricting calories for fat loss [4]

Of course you can get all of your protein from whole foods, but many people supplement with protein powder because it’s convenient.

Unfortunately it’s hard to find a plant-based protein powder that doesn’t taste like paper, goes down like quicksand, contains too little protein per serving, or use cheap, poorly utilized forms of plant protein.

That’s why we thrived for a plant-based protein powder that checks all the right boxes:

  • Tastes great
  • Provides 20+ grams of high quality plant protein per scoop
  • Rich in essential amino acids
  • Great mouthfeel
  • Is easily digested

But NOT all plant protein are made equal.

When you exercise hard you demand a lot from your body.
So it’s only fair to give it the absolute best in return.

Our plant protein is an ideal companion for all those, who want to consciously avoid animal-based foods, but still want to have a high-quality protein powder for their daily protein requirements.

Reasons why vegan+ is different:

Natural without additives

vegan+ is 100% naturally sweetened and flavoured while containing no artificial food dyes, other chemicals or junk fillers.

High-quality blend

Combination of rice and pea protein to provide a complete amino profile.

100% pea & rice isolate

The purest and highest quality of protein right to your muscles.
Therefore, lactose-free.

Optimal muscle supply

The perfect vegan protein source for your day and post-workout.

Dissolves instantly

No lumps. Only a deliciously creamy shake.

The best out of plant-based resources

The Power of Pea & Rice.

vegan+ is a plant protein isolate protein powder made from exceptionally high-quality.

Most vegan proteins on the market use one single raw material basis. This one-sidedness has a negative impact on the product’s biological value. Combining multiple plant-based sources of protein significantly improves the biological value and creates a complete amino acid profile.

We chose pea and rice protein because they’re easy on the stomach, well absorbed, and together provide an abundance of protein and essential amino acids.

Pea and rice protein also go particularly well together because their amino acid profiles are complementary. Together, they look a lot like whey protein, which is why the blend of the two is often called the “vegan’s whey.”

That’s why vegan+ is just as effective for gaining muscle and strength as animal-based protein powders like whey, casein, and egg.

Moreover, many people are surprised to learn that pea and rice protein are not only viable forms of plant protein but even superior to other popular options, including hemp and soy.

really tasty

Our formula makes the difference!

We made vegan+ with a high focus on quality and taste. As we know the problem with vegan protein is often a bad to non existent taste.

We put all our efforts into making vegan+ taste delicious. So you can look forward to drinking it on a daily basis.

vegan+ contains 22-23 grams of protein per serving with only 2 grams of carbohydrate and 2 gram of fat (depending on flavor).

This means that you don’t have to waste calories (carbs and fat) on your shakes and can eat them, instead.

Unlike most protein products on the market, all of our supplements contain only natural ingredients, containing no artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or other junk, simply because it helps reduce our overall exposure to these chemicals, which may be harmfull in large quantites.

Mixing one scoop with your oats, yogurt, or blending it as a shake makes for a delicious and lean snack or is a perfect post workout drink.

vegan+ is easy on the stomach

Ever had your stomach inflate like a balloon after drinking a protein shake?
The most common reason for this is the low quality of many of the protein powders on the market.

vegan+ is Gluten Free, Lactose Free, and Soy free, sits light on your stomach and is easily digestible.

Get ready to enjoy delicious, high-protein, low-calorie shakes that help you reach your fitness goals faster.

vegan+ is 100% natural

vegan+ is naturally sweetened and flavoured and contains no artificial food dyes, fillers, or other unnecessary junk.

We insisted on making vegan+ as clean as possible because we believe it’s the best decision for long-term health. Research suggests that regular consumption of these chemicals may indeed be harmful to our health.

That’s why we’ve chosen to go with the natural sweetener stevia and natural flavours like vanilla and cocoa instead. Research shows that not only are they safe, but they present several health benefits, including better insulin sensitivity, a lower cholesterol profile, improved blood glucose control, potential anti-cancer effects, lower blood pressure and inflammation levels, and more.




  • How much vegan+ protein can I take per day?

    Plant protein powder can be used anytime to help you meet your protein needs. Although the ideal ratio between whole food and supplemental protein is still unclear when it comes to research, we suggest that getting at least 50% of your daily protein from whole food sources is a good rule of thumb for the purposes of healthy dieting.

  • What is sunflower lecithin and why is it in vegan+?

    Sunflower lecithin is used in protein powder (and many other foods) to help stabilize certain mixtures of ingredients.

    Usually the more common form soy lecithin is used, which is cheaper and contains soy. While it’s generally a good idea to limit your intake of soy products (and soy protein in particular) because it may have feminizing effects in men 1, you can rest assured that we only use the more expensive and healthier sunflower lecithin.

  • Why don't you add amino acids like many other brands?

    If you see that a protein powder contains any added amino acids, be skeptical.

    Additional amino acids is often a sign of amino spiking, which is a deceitful practice wherein large amounts amino acids like L-glycine are included and counted them toward the total protein per serving. This is misleading because protein is a complex chain of up to 21 different amino acids. There are no proteins that contain only one amino acid.

    Amino spiking is a common way that protein manufacturers and sellers rip consumers off. This way companies sell low-quality protein that contains for example just 15 grams of protein per serving, add several grams of an inexpensive amino acid like glycine or alanine and legally say it contains more protein per serving than it really does.

    There’s little to no reason to add amino acids to protein powder, including BCAAs, and so this often just means the product is amino spiked.

    A good way to protect yourself as a consumer, however, is to check ingredient lists, serving sizes, and amounts of protein per serving before buying.

  • Why should I use vegan+ even if I'm not vegan or vegetarian?

    This has a few key benefits:

    • It does provide some variety.
    • It enhances the nutritional quality of your diet.
    • It reduces the likelihood of experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort from ingesting too much dairy protein.
    • Vegan+ is also more filling than whey, which is especially nice when you’re dieting.
  • Can vegan+ help with muscle building and weight loss?

    Definitely! A high-protein diet can help you lose weight faster and it’s also perfect for muscle building because it’s a source of highly bioavailable plant protein rich in essential amino acids, which are the vital building blocks of muscle tissue.

    vegan+ makes it easier to hit your daily protein needs.

  • Why don't you use Soy as others use in their plant protein?

    The combination of different protein sources allows us to create a complete amino acids profile and also stay true to the principles of a balanced diet. Vegetarians and vegans in particular use soy as an alternative to animal products. That’s why it makes sense to use alternative plant proteins as a source of daily protein. Moreover, soy often contains phytoestrogen and is suspected of causing major changes in hormone levels. Our soy-free Vegan Protein is a complete protein that works without hormones and can contribute to a balanced diet for athletes.

  • I'm lactose intolerant or have a nut allergie, can I use vegan+?

    Unlike whey proteins, plant protein are lactose-free and hypoallergenic. This means it contains no soy, lactose, gluten or nuts, making it suitable for people with allergies. This makes it is very easy to digest and provides the body with both short and long-term proteins.

  • Is everything in vegan+ 100% vegan?

    Yes, everything in vegan+ comes entirely from plants.

  • Why do you use a mix of peas and rice?

    We chose pea and rice protein because they’re easy on the stomach, well absorbed, and provide an abundance of protein and essential amino acids.

    That’s why vegan+ is just as effective for gaining muscle and strength as animal-based protein powders like whey, casein, and egg protein.

  • When should I use vegan+?

    vegan+ can be used anytime you need help to meet your protein goals. For optimal results, take 1-3 servings daily after exercise or in the morning.

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    1. Bob

      Einfach onvergläichlech! D’selwecht wéi d’Karamell Versioun ass och den heiten mat Ofstand de beschte veganen an komplett natierlechen Protein-Polver um Marché! Kee krazen am Hals beim Drénken, huet en natierleche Goût a léisst sech wonnerbar op. Top Qualitéit! Kann ech och nëmmen weider empfeelen! 10/10 Punkten.

      • tim

        Merci villmols Bob!

        Mir sinn frou dass dir onsen vegan+ sou gudd schmaacht.

        Tim – Team Naway

    2. Melanie

      I love this one for its smooth taste. It is really good to mix into your pancakes or smoothie bowls. The quality and ingredients are waaaay better than regular protein powders!

    3. Patricia

      Fir mech deen Baeschden veganen Protein Pudder! De Geschmack ass einfach immens an och einfach fir ze baken bréngt en nach eng kleng Nout dabei.
      De Shake ass ëmmer nom Sport meng Belounung op déi ech mech freeën. Fir een deen ni reegelméisseg Sport gemaach huet an et mir och schwéier fält dabei ze bleiwen, hunn ech mam Naway Shake mir en Belounungssystem opgestallt, deen mech dozou bruet huet reegelméisseg Sport ze maachen.

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