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Our Story

This is where it all began... our journey, values and vision.

The Founders

Hey, you! We are Ricardo & Tim from Luxembourg 🇱🇺

Just fresh out of highschool and about a year into college we met and our love for sports, fitness & health started the beginning of our friendship. Beside a healthy lifestyle, we always felt a passion to start our own business someday.

And that’s exactly what we did. We combined our love and passion and started naway to bring something new and unique to the supplement world –
transparency, honesty and quality.

“We make no compromises when it comes to our supplements, neither should you!”

Ricardo & Tim

Our Values

We want healthy and natural. For you and for us.
Those are our main criteria for our supplements.
We use only essential, high quality and, most important, all-natural ingredients.

Our Quality

Every product development starts with questioning the status quo. This applies to the ingredients and origin of each raw material. Whether it is milk from grazing cows, sweetness from the stevia plant or using natural flavours without additives for taste. Because for us quality matters.

Our Vision

We want naway to grow in order to develop further products with the same criteria. Providing more people with our all-natural and tasty supplements. Bringing them the quality they deserve.

The Journey so far...

2018 January

The idea

A small idea we had while we had a meal together. Out of a discussion became serious interest and curiousity, followed by research.

2018 February


As we settled on the basic idea, we started to go into some research. Without knowing it, this was the first step to actually make this idea and talking into reality.

But research is hard & overwhelming. So it is easily the part where you tell yourself: “Well, we tried.”

2018 March

Contacting first potential suppliers & partners

Our first calls. We still remember them quite well. They were kinda awkward. They usually went like this:
“Hey, we are Tim & Ricardo and we are interested in creating a supplement brand, could you help us?”

The problem is your fear of judgement. Who are these little boys to think they could do something like that? But let us tell you, after a few calls, you get the gist and the calls get better and easier.

2018 November

First samples

Towards the end of the year, we had contacted many companies and from whom we got some first basic samples.

We tried them one by one and came to a conclusion which set the final stone.

2019 March

Establishing a company

Paperwork, another obstacle to get started. But we did it, step by step. We established honest+ sàrl-s and were ready to make our first order.

2019 June

Our first product

The first order arrived and we had everything in place to get started.
A website with an online shop. An online presence. Shipping Boxes. And so on.

We did some events where we invited people to come and try our product and give them a chance to buy a container right there if they liked it. That’s how we sold our first few containers. Pretty exciting!

Then we tried to get into local gyms and shops. Which was a difficult task for two young entrepreneurs to convince gym and shop owners to buy into the idea and into us. How should they know that this was going to be a serious business? And not just some youngster trying to make a buck with a bad product.

We got a few no’s but we also got a few yes’.

Now we roll.

2019 December

Success Story

We applied for the RTL Success Story. After a first get together and little talk, we got accepted with our project.

The first show aired, we were able to convince the jury with honest+ and made into the next round. Then we got challenges we had to achieve in order to make it to the next round and a new big obstacles arise.

Our name needed to be revised and we found out, that we’d better change. The sooner the better. We ordered stickers to put over the remaining containers, so the old name wasn’t visible anymore. We got a new domain and let our new name be registered legally. To name a few things we had to do. We became naway and mastered the rest of our challenges.

In the end, it just wasn’t enough to make it to the podium. But we were happy with the result nevertheless.

*note: the show is in Luxembourgish

2020 June

Launch vegan+

Our second product comes to the market and the response is amazing!
People love vegan+ for its quality and even more for its taste.

Our second product. The company is evolving and growing and so are we. There is still a long way to go, we know that, but this has been another big milestone for us, to be able to produce a second product.

2020 September

The ultimate whey

Our first batch of whey+ sold out and that fact alone already made us very happy. So the new whey+ should be even better!

We wanted to improve our quality one step further. So we went from a mix between whey concentrate & isolate to a 100% isolate product.

But we didn’t stop there. We took the purest possible form of whey isolate in order to have our whey lactose free.

And the best part is, the whey we use is certified from Irish grass-fed cows.

2021 January

Success Story 02

A year after, a year full of obstacles and a pandemic, RTL came again so see how we are doing, what we accomplished in the past year and how the pandemic affected us.

*note: the show is in Luxembourgish

2021 February

Launch new flavour vegan+

A new flavour for our loved vegan+ – salted caramel fudge – something special.

Ad Caramel

Stay with us, we have much more to come!


We were in the same class in high-school and a little later our roads crossed again at the university. This is when it started. We became super swole.

Tim likes going to the cinema, Ricardo not so much.

Our company and brand name were honest+ but after we check legally we got advised to change it as there was a big brand using an “honest” name.

At that time, this was a big hit for us, as it meant changing up a lot of things with little to no budget. With our first product already published we came up with creative ideas to make the name change as pleasant as possible for us and our customers.

It was weird and it needed some time to adapt but today we stand proudly as naway | natural supplements

Tim trains in CK Junglinster.
Ricardo trains in Bodygym Temmels.


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