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Boost+ is a vegan pre-workout for energy¹ and focus²

Natural caffeine from guarana

Science-backed ingredients

Natural flavouring

330g – 30 Servings

12 customer reviews


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Why boost+ is different:

Boosts Energy¹

Increases Focus²

Science-Backed Ingredients

Natural Flavours

Reach the next level!

Boost your performance²!

Do you sometimes lack the drive to get into the gym?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re just not able to give 100% in your workouts? Or perhaps you are looking for that edge to have even greater workouts?

Our formula makes the difference!
Boost+ provides energy¹ and mental focus².
Hit new numbers and experience the difference in the gym or your home workout.

Forget about chemically loaded energy drinks.
It’s time to take your training to the next level!



¹Vitamin B6 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
²Pantothenic acid contributes to normal mental performance.

How to use boost+ ?

If this is your first time using boost+, assess your individual tolerance by mixing 1 scoop (11g) with 500ml of water and consuming 30 minutes prior to exercise.

If you experience any non-optimum effects, stop and consult your doctor.

Single Scoop: For beginners or those sensitive to stimulants.
Double Scoop: For experienced users seeking maximum effect.


  • What is the difference between Boost+ and Boost+ Stim Free?

    Boost+ Stim Free is our caffeine and beta-alanine free version of Boost+.

    No matter if you like to watch your caffeine consumption or workout in the evening, our Stim Free version is right for you.

  • What types of workouts can I use boost+ for?

    Whatever type of exercise you do, boost+ helps you do it better.

    It is good for both anaerobic and aerobic workouts. It’s not just for weightlifting but for cardio and endurance training, too.

    Take it before a weightlifting workout to see benefits like increased strength and muscle endurance. Take it before a cardio session and see benefits like increased intensity and endurance.

  • Does boost+ contain any gluten, lactose and is it vegan?

    boost+ is gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. It doesn’t get any cleaner.

  • Is boost+ for men & women?

    Yes boost+ can be used by men and women.

  • How do I get the serving size right?

    Each bottle includes a measuring spoon to ensure you get the right dosage every time. Can’t find it? Sometimes it can get buried in the powder during transport. Take another look!

  • Why should I use naway boost+?

    Compared to other popular pre-workouts, boost+ is vegan and naturally flavoured. It provides a clean rush of energy with no crash and an optimal dose of performance-enhancing ingredients to make your workouts significantly more enjoyable and productive.

  • Will boost+ upset my stomach?

    boost+ is well-tolerated and can even be taken on an empty stomach.

  • Are your supplements doping-free?

    Yes. Our supplements contain no ingredients that are on the doping list.

  • Reviews

    12 reviews for Boost+

    1. Dicusara

      I am coffee tolerant and must say it is challenging to find a great product that gives energy and helps to stay focused. The boost drink hits different. I love it! Very effective, highly recommended!

      Be careful on the dosage, read the instructions 1st.

    2. Stefani

      This pre workout is excellent and I love the flavour!! After taking it wait 15-20 min. and you will feel the urge to jump into the gym! I really feel more focused when working out. I definitely recommend it especially for someone looking for a natural pre workout!

    3. Dore

      I absolutely love boost+. The soft-sweet flavour makes it enjoyable to drink and the benefits are very noticeable. It keeps me focused and increases my energy levels for a better performance during my workouts.

      I highly recommend this pre-workout to anyone looking for that extra boost during their workout!

    4. Lee

      Amazing product! Tastes really good and gives you an instant kick. Also felt more focused and motivates throughout the whole workout.

    5. Felix

      Smells and tastes fantastic and delightful! I’m even more motivated to workout even after a long and busy day. Furthermore, I’m driven to shorten my breaks and stay focused.
      Finally found my favorite pre-workout booster with natural ingredients! #yeahbuddy

    6. Nadine

      This booster is top !!!
      Above all for cardio workouts the best booster!
      I’m only giving 4 stars because of the taste.

    7. Christophe

      Ich bin Kaffee Trinker und trinke auch vor dem Sport gerne meinen Espresso. Jetzt starte ich nur noch mit dem natürlichem Booster von Naway! 🙂 Bin super zufrieden mit diesem Produkt!

    8. Féline

      Really great product! I love how they really put a lot of thought into their formula. I use it every workout.

    9. Justin

      This preworkout is a typical price for how much you are getting, however the quality of the ingredients makes it well worth it. Mixes well, taste great, and sits well in your stomach. I don’t know what more you could ask for.

    10. Bill

      This stuff works! Hit so many PR’s because of it so far. Can’t wait for a new flavour 😀

    11. Tobias

      Best booster I’ve ever tried!!! And only natural ingredients, speak of win/win. Full 5 stars.

    12. Lynn

      I’ve never tried a preworkout before and I must say, it’s powerful. Definitely have to watch out only to take 1/2 of a scoop if you are a girl or if your bodyweight is not that high. Awesome product though!

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